UTC – Leading a National effort – Mononews.gr

We know the power of our neighbors in transportation. Although this force is based on the existence of Turkish Airlines, the fact remains that the Turks have the edge. There are, however, players who, with knowledge, consistency and hard work, make an equal opponent

Such a player is UTC, which has successfully exploited the advantages that it has in this competition:

 the high knowhow of its staff in the transport of perishable products and more specifically fish, since they have been involved in this field since 1989,

 its continuous and nonstop operation due to the high volume of cargo it transports – 99% of the Greek fresh fish farming and production.

It is undeniable that UTC remains the leading company, despite being a private company, covering all the “gaps” in the market, operating according to the criteria of a “national carrier”, having a sense of responsibility towards the fresh fish industry.

It is no coincidence that in 2020, even though the pandemic made the work of transport companies extremely difficult, and more specifically the air transport, UTC, according to the official records of ΙΑΤΑ was in the first place among the 10 top transport companies, members of ΙΑΤΑ, in Greece.

In a market full of difficulties but also in an era where the challenges are constantly rising, UTC continues to provide high added value services to its customers. With responsibility, professionalism and deep knowledge in the field, the company is a role model of a healthy business. That type of business our country needs today, more than ever.