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UTC International transport S.A. is committed to paving the ways in competitiveness

UTC International transport S.A. is committed to paving the ways in competitiveness

Newsroom  UTC International Transport S.A.

Pandemiclockdown, crisis in air transport and the supply chain. From April to August last year, the drop in the number of air transport, compared to respective period in 2019, reached 50-60%.

Especially, in the field of fresh fish, in 2020 the drop in exports due to Covid-19 reached 30% – 35%. An additional factor which made the exports of Greek aquaculture & fishery companies more difficult is the fierce competition from Turkish companies which benefit from a strong ally: Turkish Airlines, which provides to the Turk businessmen of that field direct flights to the majority of the U.S. cities ,Canada and other destinations around the world as well as lower rates.

On the other hand, the transport of Greek products, since there is no national airline of similar dynamics, are performed with stops at intermediate stations, a factor which increases the time and the costs.

In the first place

However, the Greek fish aquaculture units also have their own strong ally, which, against all these facts, has its own way of overcoming the difficulties and compensating for the absence of a Greek air carrier with capabilities similar to those of the Turkish Airlines.

It is UTC International Transport S.A. (, which not only specializes in, but is a leader in the air transport of fresh fish. It is important to say that in 2020, despite the difficulties, it was in the first place among the 10 top transport companies – members of IATA in Greece.

UTC in not new in the business. It was founded in 2004 by executives with decades of experience in the international transport of perishable products and it has staff with high know-how in the transport of perishable products, especially in fresh fish, in which they have been active since 1989.

It is operating 24 hours a day

Since it manages a big volume of products, and especially perishable products, the company operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and does not stop negotiating with airlines in order to achieve more competitive rates for its customers. An important factor in this negotiation, which strengthens the competitiveness of the Greek products, is the cargo volume, since UTC transports 99% of the fresh fish from Greece abroad.

It should also be noted that UTC has built a wide clientele that includes 11 different areas of transport specialization at all stages. It can, in this way, transport with speed, reliability and competitive prices from works of art and goods of great value (jewelry, precious stones, watches, etc.), but also products of great sensitivity (food, pets, etc.) to spare parts and supplies for ships.

A leading role

Its clientele includes companies that operate in 18 different fields with a notable presence and a leading role. These are companies that do business in 10 countries (Greece, Cyprus, USA, Dubai, Japan, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands and Hong Kong). To meet their needs, it collaborates with transport companies-freight forwarders of international prestige all around the world and covers the whole range of transport (air, road, sea) thus achieving the lowest possible rates.

UTC’s quick responses, hard work and success in the crisis highlight the key elements of its philosophy, which focuses on the extroversion and the enhancement of the competitiveness of its customers, two elements that the Greek economy absolutely needs to overcome not only the difficulties of the pandemic, but also its chronic problems. Some have the task to pave the way and UTC is one of them.