Leader during the Pandemic – FNB Daily

UTC International Transport S.A., the leader in transport of fresh fish and food products, was first for one more year. In 2020, despite the pandemic which made the work of the transport companies difficult, specifically the air transport, UTC, according to the official records of ΙΑΤΑ, was in the first place among the 10 top transport companies, members of ΙΑΤΑ in Greece.

The competition in this field is extremely fierce.  The extent of the competition is obvious from the fact that the major competitor of Greece in the export of fresh fish, UTC’s high skilled sector, is Turkey, which has a very powerful weapon, Turkish Airlines, and in turn makes Turkey mighty, in an almost unfair way.

On the other hand, transport from Greece, since there is no national airline of similar dynamics, are performed with stops at intermediate stations, having as a result time and cost increase.

Nevertheless, UTC continues to provide high value-added service to its customers and becomes an important weapon for the export-related activities in our country. A strong example of it, is that it transports 99% of the fresh fish from Greece abroad. The company was founded in 2004 by a group of skilled executives in the field of perishable products transport, with specialized experience and expertise since they have been involved in aquaculture-fishery industry since 1989.

Aquaculture-Fishery is a very important field for the Greek entrepreneurship and has a very important ally: a highly competitive company, which with consistency, responsibility, expertise and hard work tries its best in order the fresh fish and food products to be transported all over the world.